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Author | Humanitarian | (former) Soldier

A cordial welcome to my website. As you read this, I may be at home with my soul-mate and life partner, Elaine Head, on bucolic Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Or I may be in Vietnam, where we live for several months of each year. Or I may be traveling somewhere in an attempt to satisfy my insatiable wanderlust.

On this website I introduce my two books, Finding Lien , a novel published in 2016 and Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart,  a memoir that I co-authored with Elaine and published in 2013. But I’m also using it to share insights into my polychromatic life, which I have briefly encapsulated on the about me page. You can also tune into some of Elaine’s and my travels by going to the contact page and clicking on our blog. There you can also read about the humanitarian work we do in Vietnam.