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Finding Lien

R. Bruce Logan


About the Book:

Lien, an innocent Vietnamese country girl is missing. Her father, Ngoc, in desperation and with the help of an Australian volunteer, writes his father, a retired American army officer whom he has never met nor contacted. When Pete Trutch finds that his granddaughter has been sold into sexual slavery in a notorious Cambodian village, he confronts not only his past, but a seedy, corrupt world where bad cops, pimps and poverty clash with courageous international prevention workers.

Readers have said:

“Bruce Logan writes an emotional and heart rending story of human cruelty with grace and clarity. A powerful, intensely evocative novel, which will keep you reading into the small hours.’

-Lynda Crawford, Author of Uncomfortably Numb.

“Hopefully, Finding Lien will shed more light on this pervasive but hidden scourge while offering the reader a gripping, often gritty read with characters that are both scurrilous and saintly…  a disturbing and emotional ride through a cruel reality.”

-Linda Hutchinson-Bum, Founding Director, Childrens Education Foundation, Vietnam.

‘A compelling read… suspenseful, powerful.”

-Murray Reiss, Poet and author of The Life Cycle of Butterflys in the Wild

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Back to Vietnam Tours of the Heart

R. Bruce Logan & Elaine Head


About the Book

Back to Vietnam Tours of the Heart is a memoir written in two voices. The literary duet sweeps the reader through the battle-torn history of beautiful, bewildering Vietnam and across the now recovering nation of contrasts and contradictions, beauty and blemishes.

Lauded in early reviews, the writing is vividly alive with detail. At times painful passages are softened by the warmth and humor of the writers. The characters who people the pages ; frightened young soldiers, forgiving survivors, heroes in wheel chairs, hungry villagers and proud grandmothers become friends with the writers and their readers. Veterans, Boomers and travellers of all ages will be drawn into the ancient culture and rich folklore of Vietnam.

The authors, Bruce Logan and Elaine Head, Canadian retirees, have crafted and intriguing tale of their struggles and delights in becoming volunteers in a third world country. They travelled to Vietnam to retrace Bruce’s steps as a young lieutenant in the 60’s and found peace and a new life purpose.

Readers have said:

“A significant book about the reconciliation possible between those who have been cast into bloody conflict ; a compelling story of one / American veteran and his wife who lind purpose by serving in Vietnam, forty years after the war. The renderings of the beauty of my country Vietnam and the warmth of our people are vividly interwoven with heart wrenching images of the poverty and illness that the authors encounter in our humanitarian work.”

–Le Ly Hayslip, author of When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War,  Woman of Peace

“… a feast of a book. It doesn’t just talk about Vietnam it takes you there.  This book simmers and shimmers with the smells, sounds, flavours, sights and insights of an endlessly fascinating people and their wonderful, ever surprising homeland.  The authors sub-title their book Tours of the Heart. For the reader it’s a”tour de force,”

–Arthur Black, author and broadcaster

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Buy the Book “BACK TO VIETNAM TOURS OF THE HEART” from Amazon.com