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Our Volunteer Work

Elaine and I have been travelling to, and living part-time, in Vietnam each year since 2006. Our first two trips were as participants with a group known as Tours Of Peace, Vietnam Veterans. TOP existed for the sole purpose of taking veterans and their family members back to Vietnam for healing and reconciliation. For the next several years, I became involved with TOP as a deputy tour leader, provided expertise on the history of the war and was able, with my research skills, to help many veterans find sites of former battles or bases. Since 2008, Elaine and I have been working to support people who have been marginalized in that country. We have focused on

Our blog, www.ebtovietnam.blogspot.com, covers stories of our work in Vietnam. Over the years one project has lead to another and our focus has shifted slightly. We have learned a great deal about, not only the depth and breadth of social problems in Southeast Asia, but also about responsible and sustainable responses to those needs. Our gifting and advisory consultations are aimed at helping the Vietnamese find their own solutions through:

  •  keeping girls in school;

  •  Building community awareness about vulnerability to trafficking;

  • Funding for building schools in remote villages;

  • Skill building for persons with disabilities so that they can be gainfully employed and live independently;

  •  Building business skills;

  • Introducing the concept of micro-loans to inspire self-responsibility in creating home-based businesses.

We have also learned the power of networking and partnering with other organizations whose aims parallel ours. We share information about developments in our fields of interest. We collaborate in finding effective solutions learned through experience. We commiserate about our frustrations with bureaucracy, changing regulations and disappointments. We celebrate the ‘wins.’

Want to Help?

• Contribute to non-profit organizations,
• Add your voice to the dialogue or host events to promote awareness
• Participate in hands-on volunteer work.
Use the Contact and Links tab to send us an e-mail. Maybe we can help you find the best way to be involved.